These musky and pike bucktail lures helped put Cat’s Tails Lures on the map! From our Original Bucktails to our Topwater Bucktails and NEW Boomerang Blade Bucktails, Cat’s Tails Lures produces the highest quality custom musky and northern pike bucktail fishing lures! Please choose a variety below.

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Boomerang Blade Bucktails


Boomerang Blade Bucktails

New! There’s nothing else out there like our Boomerang Blade Bucktails! Made from bucktail & tinsel these lures are available in 6 color combinations.

Bucktail Minis


Mini Bucktails

The mini musky bucktail is a compact version of the popular Cat’s Tails line of musky bucktails that includes the single Siwash trailer hook and plastic teaser tail. This mini bucktail fishing lure will produce all season long. Make your own combo by changing to the the teaser of your choice without the need to disassemble the bait. These quality swimbaits are great bucktail lures for bass, pike and musky.

Length: 6″

Weight: 1 oz

Bucktails Originals


Original Bucktails

This is the bucktail lure that put Cat’s Tails on the map. A very versatile musky and northern pike bait, the “Original” can be fished at multiple depths depending on your retrieve speed. A treble hook with single Siwash trailer hook and twin tail plastic teaser is deadly as an attractant or when fish are striking short. Add your own choice of teaser or leave the trailer naked to hook those wary fish that nip at the tail. Cat’s Tail Original Musky Bucktails are quality, custom made musky lures.

Length: 8″
Weight: 1.6 oz


Magnum 8’s


Magnum 8’s

With double 8 Magnum Indiana blades, ultra heavy .062 wire and super teaser, the Mag 8 is set to prowl. Front treble hook, and single on the trailer. The tail uses hair, hackle and flashabou. Perfect all purpose machine!

Black and RedNatural

Super 8 Musky Bucktail


Super 8’s Bucktails

Out of the same mold cast as the original bucktails, with the difference being two #8 fluted blades, and 5 color patterns. Both of these musky spinning bucktails are made with our new special, ½ ounce keel weights, great for trolling, deep down rigging, or casting, with absolutely no tumble or line twist!!

These are the smoothest running bucktails ever, with super lift, and instant blade spin!

Weight: 2 oz.
Length: 7″

Tandem 8


Tandem 8’s

Another of Cat’s Tails specialized pike & predator lures made with the highest-quality, most durable materials.

Weight: 4.5 oz
Length: 10″


Topwater Bucktails


Topwater Bucktails

This surface musky topwater bucktail lure from Cat Tails is an extremely weedless buzzer that rises quickly and kicks up a fuss with its twin counter rotating blades. A large single hook with a plastic trailer allows you to work this bait through the thickest cover. These quality topwater bucktail swimbait lures are great for musky, pike and bass fishing.

Length: 6″
Weight: 1 oz