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Bucktail Fishing Lures & Baits for Muskies & Pike!

In 1992, Roger Williamson, nicknamed “Catfish”, created “Cat’s Tails” Lures and began creating high quality muskie and northern pike lures and baits. Since then, the original muskie and pike lures including Cat’s Tails musky bucktails and musky surface baits have been a proven fish catcher while fishing for musky and pike. The largest reported muskie and northern pike caught on Cat’s Tails Lures have been a 53” Muskie, and a 44” Northern Pike.


Cat’s Tails Lures muskie lures and northern pike tackle were the very first musky tackle to incorporate a single trailer hook, pheasant feathers, and a plastic teaser tail in their lure design. This idea started the “plastic revolution” in musky and pike lures.

Today there is an extensive variety of Cat’s Tails muskie and pike lures all of which you will find for sale on this website. These same muskie and pike lures have also proven to be great fishing tackle on the Great Lakes fishing for Lake Trout and for saltwater fish.

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Cat’s Original Bucktails

Cat’s Tails Lures popular Original Musky Bucktails have been followed by a full line of custom muskie bucktails including the compact bucktail minis made with a single Siwash trailer hook and plastic teaser tail, the Super 8 Bucktails with two #8 fluted blades (the larger Super Magnum 10 muskie bucktail lures have double #10 blades and a combination of hair and mylar tinsel) designed to bulge the surface or work over high weed cover, and the topwater bucktail baits designed to be an extremely weedless surface lure that rises quickly and kicks up a fuss with its twin counter rotating blades.

These musky and northern pike bucktails are designed to catch muskies and pike and will produce all season long.

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Magnum 8′s All-Purpose Lures

The musky bucktails are designed specifically for muskie and pike fishing.

The Musky Spin Devils work great whether casting or trolling for muskies and pike. The Musky Spinning Devils have a 5” large spoon and the downsized Little Spin Devils with their 3 ½” spoon are perfect for pike, lake trout and saltwater species. Tied using bucktail/pheasant feathers, holographic tinsel and bent wire these spinning baits create erratic action with a forward spinner.

Black Rat

Musky Rats

Cat’s Tails “Musky Rat” surface baits are one of the easiest to work surface baits you will ever use. Slow to moderate retrieves work best, providing a tantalizing wiggle and roll.

So take a look around, pick a few favorites, and get set for the best fishing of your life!

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